Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alternative Arguments being considered.

We cannot dismiss the role played by Mainstream media.
But, instead of boring you with the same old details, let's include less-known information.

We're already aware that Mainstream Media deliberately ignored the problem of illegal immigration for decades.
Then, when the problem grew severe; Journalists began celebrating their presence.
The exact same rule applies to Legal immigration, as well.
Nothing was ever said about outlandish Policies, allowing immigrants to petition for distant relatives.
But, we're already aware of these issues.
Lesser known was that Europe also experienced the same problem.
Throughout the 1990's, Americans were able to learn about this, just by chatting with Folks from Europe, New Zealand,The British Isles, and Australia.
Once again, Mainstream Media tried to maintain utter silence.
Why is this the case?

The European dilemma was especially important, because it conflicted with Doctrine from every American publication. While immigrants were flooding into the USA; Journalists [firmly] stated that "we were all immigrants once". Thus, "we should just learn to accept their presence". But mainstream Media failed to mention that Europe was facing similar immigration policies. Thus, Journalists cannot make the same dull excuses.

The same rule applies to the Statement: "American Indians are the true natives". But, this silly rule doesn't apply elsewhere. Activists were pushing for rapid integration into all the European countries. But, in America, they used the "native American" hypothesis.
Once again, Newspapers failed to recognize similar problems taking place throughout Europe. This changed the whole dynamics. It literally invalidated their previous argument. They were justifying Chain Migration in America by saying that "We're all immigrants". But, the same rule obviously doesn't apply to Muslims entering Northern Europe. Plus, the Native American scenario doesn't hold either.

Additionally; most countries were immune to this Social-Engineering. But, We weren't able to figure this out. (?)

You're probably aware of the arguments already made on this page. But, there's an additional crime which has yet to be discovered. Television News Programs are actually feeding pablum to Immigrant workers. In other words, CNN is teaching them what to say, during a debate.

A Visa worker from Mexico claimed that it's necessary to bring outsiders.
In his exact words:
"AFTER ALL, RUSSIA'S ECONOMY IS STALLED BECAUSE THEY HAVE LOW-IMMIGRATION". This gentleman from Mexico got this information from CNN.
Now, please tell;
How is the information true just because it appears on a News Program? In any case, WE responded by explaining that Russia's economic crisis has nothing to do with lacking immigration. In fact, Russia thrived for several decades despite devastating wars, and having no immigration into their cities whatsoever.

New York Mayer, Michael Ruben Bloomberg blamed our 2008 recession on lack of immigration. But, his work cannot be trusted since Mr. Bloomberg is a Democrat who won office posing as a Republican.
Actually, The Recession itself was, in fact, caused by Chain Migration. Bloomberg, was Born of Russian, Jewish parents. Let's ask Mr. Bloomberg how he feels about open-immigration into Israel. BETTER YET, WHY DIDN'T THE MEDIA ASK THESE TOUGH QUESTIONS.
{sadly, Immigrants will help Bloomberg get elected. The true reason why they're accelerating immigration should be obviously clear. They're aiming toward fixing the vote. Thus, in the near future, there's a plausible solution: it might be necessary to suspend Democracy, altogether.

The media promotes outlandish stories.
A CNBC interview with Kellogg; blamed The 1929 Stock Market Crash, on Lack of immigration. These are racist claims. (Suggesting that our people supposedly are incapable of taking care of ourselves). Plus, Kellogg failed to mention that Americans thrived for decades thereafter because levels of immigration were low.
(Also, mass immigration from previous decades actually induced the Great Depression). Nonetheless, it's irresponsible to promote these ideas throughout the Media.

Whenever [Youtube] videos are posted pertaining to this issue;
clever responses are often made by Immigrants & Guest-Workers. The Average Youtube-Viewer doesn't realize that pro-migration comments result Mentoring from CNN. In other works, News Programs are teaching immigrants to make Solid Arguments against us.
(This dogma was learned from CNN, and other news mediums).
Top News Stories for CNN declared that "Immigration is good for Any Nation". The preceding remark has since been repeated by millions of Legal Citizens. Until asked why the same rule needn't apply for their countries. Using this logic, then:
Russians should be allowed to migrate into Latin America. Latin America is much richer than CIS countries, such as Ukraine. Polish citizens should be allowed to freely migrate to Muslim Nations. Bulgarians should begin a great migration into China.

Here's another example:
One immigrant-worker was defending his stay by trying to list injustices committed by the USA. Only this time, he didn't mention The Mexican War, or Columbus.
Instead, he comparing himself to offsetting crimes committed by the CIA. He mentioned the plot to overthrow the Iranian Government, in 1953. The USA committed a terrible crime; Therefore, that makes us even. (Even though, he was an illegal Alien from Cuba. He was not from Iran). Interestingly, this News story had appeared on CNBC a few weeks earlier. He was also unaware of any details surrounding the event. In truth, oppressive regimes are replaced by newly established leaders. But, their ethics fare no better.

Oddly, Migrants often cannot answer basic questions. Yet, they're aware of specific events which supposedly prove guilt on U.S. Affairs. Their details are often shady and grossly exaggerated. (e.g. when an Illegal-alien condemns America for our role invading Vietnam. In truth,Communists invaded South Vietnam). Basically, Channels, such as CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN are teaching Migrants how to argue against us.

A Visa worker claimed that he was a [true Native American here in Nevada]. But, at a future date, he also argued for Mass immigration into Europe. And, what exactly was his excuse ? He stated that Europeans are not truly native. Only the Neanderthals can make this claim. Apparently, he's not aware that American Indians are not native to North America. Also, it's finally been proven that Neanderthals went extinct for reasons not relating to European arrival.

The Neanderthals used to hunt for big game in close, hand to hand combat. They navigated through forests and small fields. Then, when Glaciers destroyed all trees, the Neanderthals were no longer able to battle their prey. In short: Neanderthals were not designed to hunt in open fields. Meanwhile, Europeans eventually possessed spears which enabled them to kill animals from a distance.
Past events should be irrelevant. But, as usual; White Males are always placed on the defensive.

Now, with that said, The Visa worker tried using this argument against us.
But, he was completely unaware that his Asian people also replaced [Peking Man, & Java man]. They are now extinct. And, the reason for their demise has yet to be established. Therefore, it's still an open case. Nonetheless, the whole subject is just plain ridiculous. But, Migrant workers have a secret weapon: CNN tells them exactly what to say.

In other words, Journalists take sides with Immigrants. And, this is not limited to poor, desperate souls. Wealthier immigrants are also advised how to 'work-the-system'. Newspaper articles have informed them of laws which favor "Immigrant Owned Businesses". Or, laws which give Tax exemptions to "Immigrant businesses". You wouldn't even think they'd be aware of such laws.

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